Are You #MeantForMore?
I’m looking for my next amazing client - someone that believes they are #MeantForMore - ready to bust through their fear, align with their purpose, & gain savvy business strategy, so she can authentically, confidently and unapologetically shine...
Let's create a life & business based on your passions and purpose!
I see you have this undeniable desire in your heart and you know you are Meant For More, but you aren’t quite sure what “more” really is or how the heck it all fits together…

How do I know? Because I’ve been there…
  • Frustrated.
  • Overwhelmed.
  • Being held back by fear and feeling "not enough."
  • Spinning in circles and doing "all the things" but never really gaining momentum.
  • Trying to fit all the pieces together, but nothing seemed to quite fit or grow like I hoped it would...
  • Being owned by my business instead of me owning it...
I knew there had to be a way to turn my life around so I could actually fulfill the desires that were placed on my heart
to make an impact on the lives around me…
It took me 3 things to finally bust through limiting beliefs, fit the pieces together, find the worth in my story and unapologetically shine so I could make an impact on others…
1 - I invested in myself...
with coaching & programs to teach me the mindset, alignment, and strategy to grow beyond what I thought was possible.
2 - I developed the confidence and rock solid mindset...
in the way I was uniquely designed so that I could create a life and business that lit me up… (and gave me the freedom I desired)- and not for me - but for those that I had a desire to serve.
3 - I got the grit...the belief...the inner knowing at the core level of who I was...
 that it is all happening FOR me, so that no matter what life throws my way, I can stay the course, stay consistent, stay aligned, and keep growing.
Once I fit the pieces together for myself and saw true success, I knew these lessons were not meant for me to keep… they are meant to pass onto other women, just like you, who are ready for the shortcut, so they don’t have to make the same mistakes, failures, and have the same frustration that I did…
Imagine what that would look like for you
  • If, together, we could draw out the stories from your journey that could powerfully impact those around you (including your ideal clients)...because your story is worth hearing (aaaaannnnddd because it's way easier to be an attraction marketer than one that chases people).
  • If, together, we could create clarity and strategy that would get you out of the “spinning in circles and never getting anywhere” and headed boldly into the direction of your dreams (and building your tribe along the way).
  • If you were truly aligned, fulfilled, living in your passions, on purpose and not held back by fear or limiting beliefs. 
  • If you implemented systems, tools, automation, and lead-gen that gave you your freedom back.
  • If you had Me, and an amazing tribe of like-minded women, in your corner, believing in you, supporting you, and cheering you on every step of the way.
What could that mean for you?
It might mean finally doing the “thing,” creating the “thing,” launching the “thing,” automating the "thing," scaling the "thing," based on your passions and building a TRIBE that lights your soul on fire so you can make the meaningful impact you've always dreamed of making.
It might mean finally busting through fear, getting over rejection, charging what you're worth, getting out of overwhelm and releasing the limiting beliefs and habits that held you captive and playing small (and stuck) for far too long.
It might mean finally having the clarity, focus, automation and high level strategy to build your tribe and get your message out into the world.
It might mean truly believing you are #MeantForMore, that you are worth it, and you do have what it takes - regardless of what others may say and truly stepping into your power.
Who is a good fit for this coaching?
  • If you tend to find yourself inspired, with a message on your heart, you know it is to help and serve others and you're serious about stepping into the call on your life.
  • If you're already having some success in your business and life and are ready to take things to the next level.
  • If you're a rising influencer, needing help putting the pieces together so your message can reach more people.
  • If you are ready to commit to the desires of your heart, and make them reality, with the investment in yourself and commitment to the time and action needed.
  • If you are sick and tired of going in circles and not getting anywhere and you desire growth.
  • If you are ready to link arms with a coach that will give you the roadmap for success, that will see and draw out the best in you, equip you for growth AND surround yourself with a tribe that will have your back and lift you up.
Who is NOT a good fit for this coaching?
  • Know it all’s - I am looking for those that are open, coachable and, if you know it all, you don’t need me ;)
  • Someone who doesn’t have money coming in and will be more concerned about paying the gas bill after they invest in coaching.
  • Someone looking to make money fast or want microwaved success.
  • A person that is not willing to do the work and get into action.
  • Someone who isn't coachable, open, and willing to get out of their comfort zone.
  • Someone who's not willing to get rid of their excuses.
  • Others that are not a good fit for my programs are complainers, whiners, negative-nancy’s, eternal skeptics, and those who are not willing to do the work.
If this is a fit for you, here’s a taste of what working with Charity,
for the next 6 months, will look like…
  • Private Discovery & Introduction Call
  • One 60 Minute Call with Charity Per Month
  • Exclusive Monthly Coaching Club Calls
  • Quarterly High Level Mastermind
  • Group Voxer Broadcast Line
  • Voxer Access to Charity
  • Access to the Complete Meant For More Digital Vault (including anything created during your coaching contract)...PLUS the Meant For More Masterclass.
  • Exclusive Access to Trainings - Never-Before Released to the Public.
  • Unshakable Confidence Challenges, on Repeat, as a Meant For More Leader
  • Private Community of Like-Minded Women Who will Quickly Become Your Tribe
  • Tickets for You AND a Guest, to Align & Shine LIVE
Check out what others have said about working with Charity:
Casssandra L.
“I learned how to increase my self-confidence and be loyal and true to myself. I learned that there were events in life that had subconsciously taken a toll on me and needed to be released. And that starting out with shaky confidence is ok… because we gotta start somewhere. It’s part of the JOURNEY.

For awhile, I had let my light dim. It was still there, begging to shine.
A part of me was scared, and a part was unsure.
I needed that kick in the A**.

I admit it hasn’t been easy. But the best things in life are worth fighting for.
Be bold, friends. Be confident. Be the real YOU.
You only live once. Make it AMAZING and work with Charity!
“Charity helped me be a better wife to my husband and a better mom to my girls. I used to filter what others said and did through a lens of insecurity, and it really affected the way I would interpret things and how I would act.

Through working with Charity, I realized where those insecurities came from, how to release them and replace them with empowering beliefs that are improving my marriage, my relationships, my finances, and even the way I think about myself.

I highly recommend you doing’ve gotta do the work... you will have amazing tools to take with you, out into the real world, that can keep your confidence high, no matter what comes your way.”
Sara B.
Barbie M.
“In divine perfect timing, Charity Majors entered my life. I call her my Confidence Coach and through working with her, I now also call her my friend. She has helped me find true confidence in areas I was lacking before. She helped me to excavate what was contributing to my limiting beliefs, replace those beliefs with gold nuggets of lessons learned from the experiences that happened FOR me rather than TO me, and remodel my exterior to match my newly remodeled interior.

I feel so much more confident in what I wear and how I apply my makeup. Knowing how to dress for my energy type has really simplified things for me and makes it easier to build a versatile wardrobe.

I highly recommend you check it out if you are lacking confidence in ANY areas of your life, whether it is in business or personal matters. Charity will help you let go of your limiting beliefs, release your fears, and gain a whole new level of confidence and trust. This is confidence from the inside out! She will share fashion and beauty tips, too, to help you reflect on the outside all the growth you have done on the inside. This is the FUN part!

Don’t settle for less than being the beacon of light you are meant to be! It is personal growth that will last a lifetime!

Thank you, Charity!”
“Working with Charity was a great decision. I have always known what I WANT to do, but learning from Charity confirmed that it is also my purpose to do it. The greatest gift I gleaned from taking this was discovering WHY my purpose is what it is. To define the reasons for my gifts, talents, and passion make my goals much more meaningful to me.

Thank you Charity for the much needed push!!”
Susan P.
Meet Charity Majors:
Charity is an author, inspirational speaker, a soulful mindset coach and a savvy business coach, that has coached hundreds of people, all around the world to step into their greatest potential, grow their confidence, align with their purpose and build their influence. Her expertise in psychology, coaching, mindset, confidence and equipping leaders worth following is her superpower. She likes to call it “gold-mining.”

Nothing lights her soul up more than to help empower and challenge others to unpack what is holding them back (to dig out the dirt), and to inspire action into unapologetically owning their God-given purpose to make an impact on the world (to find the gold and shine)!

She is an award winning entrepreneur, an author, speakerpodcaster, and former fitness, yoga and nutrition expert turned lifestyle entrepreneur, personal development junkie, and expert soulful mindset & business coach with over a decade of experience (and results to prove it).

Her favorite titles are “Babe to her husband, Chris, and “Mamato her son, Judah.

She also is an excellent plant killer, a total book-nerd, loves to adventure around the world and doesn’t take herself too seriously (because there is enough serious stuff in this world and dance parties and karaoke are a must). Her favorite foods are Thai food and Mexican food (bring on the spicy stuff)! And drinks kombucha like it’s going out of style.
Are you ready to bust through your fearsalign with your purpose, and implement savvy business strategy so you can authentically, confidently and unapologetically shine your light too?

Perfect...all you need to do is apply… 
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